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The mission of ASAPROSAR is to work with the neediest families in El Salvador to improve their quality of life. ASAPROSAR empowers the poor through health care, youth leadership training, environmental and nutritional education, micro-credit, and community development. Priority is given to children, youth and women in rural and marginalized urban settings.

Faces of ASAPROSAR by Danielle Girdwood on Vimeo.


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Why Gold?

When visiting ASAPROSAR or viewing photos of staff and volunteers you will notice a lot of gold shirts… why gold?

The gold shirt came to symbolize ASAPROSAR during the Salvadoran civil war. Dr. Vicky Guzman was meeting with leaders from the warring left and right. Dr. Vicky explained to the group that her workers in the rural villages were being interfered with, threatened and sometimes harmed. Dr. Vicky explained that she and her workers were helping the neediest Salvadorans regardless of which side they were on and she needed to insure their safety. Both sides agreed to honor a color identification that represented her group and their work but the color could not be one of any of the political parties in the country. A gold/bright yellow color was chosen so that they could clearly be identified in the jungle and hills of western El Salvador.

Even today when volunteers arrive at the ASAPROSAR office to participate in a work trip they are given a gold shirt. The color represents hope and is a testament to those who fought through the war without bearing arms.

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